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Radiation sales service outlets at home and abroad, equipped with sufficient LNB products, ready to provide services and technical support

Marketing concept

These include production-oriented concepts, product-oriented concepts, sales-oriented concepts, market-oriented concepts, social marketing-oriented concepts, strategic marketing-oriented concepts, relationship-oriented marketing concepts, and overall marketing concepts.

In practice, many companies or organizations, especially industrial products and service products, find that the competitive advantage of the enterprise can be obtained not only from the inside but also from the outside, from the cooperation relationship between the enterprise or the organization and the parties concerned.

The goal of relationship marketing is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with key groups—customers, suppliers, distributors, and other marketing partners—in order to achieve and sustain long-term performance and business. The end result of relationship marketing is the establishment of a company’s unique asset-marketing network. When engaging in marketing activities, we can strengthen the relationship with all parties involved in marketing, improve our competitive strength, gain competitive advantage, and achieve a win-win situation or a win-win situation.


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